Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Know when to be sexy

Being sexy is for your husbands eyes only. You must never wear anything revealing or sexy anywhere else other than the home. Do not just spring this on your husband , he will tell you when he wants you to be sexy. Never try to surprise him after work wearing something revealing. A man wants to know he is in control, you can never be demanding and expect him to want you. Always stay sweet and feminine and smile when your husband is around, be open and willing to wear and act however he wants you to. You do not make these choices, your husband will tell you what he wants. It is your job as a good wife to listen to your husbands needs. Some husbands don't want their wife to ever dress or act sexy and that is OK.

His little secret

Yes girls your husband has needs that you sometimes wont be enough to fill. With Internet giving our men a full open world to browse anything from sex toys to cyber sex. We are at a little bit of a disadvantage than the woman of the 1950's. However we can treat it exactly the same. Meet the needs you can for your husband, and stay true to him. It is OK if he wants to spend hours surfing the Internet, remember he works hard and however he wants to unwind is his choice. Never ask questions and never spy on his behaviour, I like to just turn a blind eye to things like this. Of course your husband is looking and that is OK, he is the king of his castle. Serve your husband well and make him feel comfortable in every area of the home. Never complain if your husband doesn't come to bed at the same time as you, and never question him if he leaves late at night. Know your place and continue to look after the things that are yours to worry about. Your husband is not your child, you have no rights to tell him what he can or can't do. You are very lucky to have him and must always treat him as just that. Never talk with your friends about what your husband does behind his closed doors, this is his house.

Cleaning hints

This ad from the 1950's still rings true, SOS has been around for a long time and still is one of the best tools for keeping your home clean. There are many new tools out there today to make our job so much easier. One of my favorites is the Mr. Clean magic eraser, you can clean almost anything with those. Remember to pay attention to detail in your cleaning. I always do a 10 minute check over before my husband arrives home to make sure everything is perfect. Keep all cleaning products well hidden away under the sink, you don't want your loving husband to know your little tricks that help you through your day.

A rememinder

Here is another great ad from the 1950's. Do woman actually think that men no longer want their wives to douche? Make sure you read my article on feminine hygiene for the real truth.
Keep it clean girls, your husband deserves a feminine, clean wife.

Hiring Help

Hiring help around the house is not an option for a good wife. So many people are now handing their duties over to other people. Hiring someone else to do the work that is yours to do is a bad idea for so many reasons. Remember this is your home when your husband isn't there. Hiring help is like bringing in another wife for your husband. I have explained your duties as a wife, although tiresome sometimes it could always be worse. Remember that your husband is working hard every day and so should you be. Do you want another woman meeting his needs? If you decide to hire help, then you can not complain if the help meets your husbands needs better than you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mistakes Happen

Even the best wives sometimes make mistakes, I find that it is all in the way we look at these mistakes that make a difference. If you burnt dinner, don't fret. Smile when your husband arrives; bring him a cold beer and make sure he is relaxed before you tell him what has happened. As long as you gave your husband time to unwind and you weren't frantic, this is a great way to get to order out for a evening. Try very hard not to let it occur to often however or he may start to feel that you aren't caring for his needs enough. Unfortunately if a husband starts to feel stress at home upon his arrival he may not come home for dinner the next night.
Always stay calm and know that this little set back is nothing , After all you are a great wife.

The Skinny On Girdles

Girdles are still very much a part of our lives and can be just what you need to look your best. I am not talking about just when you are going out or entertaining at a party. It is important that you look your best all of the time. Do not ever step out of the house without looking your best. The way you look even when your husband isn't home can still have impact on his day. Imagine one of his friends driving by or a neighbor seeing you walk out to the mail box less than perfect. This could completely destroy a marriage. I know woman don't think that girdles are comfortable, but you have chosen to be a wife and a housekeeper, your comfort is not important.
My personal experience with girdles is the tighter the better. I also find that after some hours of wearing them, you hardly notice it is there.